Be An Actor For A Day

Be an Actor for a Day



If you have ever wondered what goes on in an actor’s life, have secretly wanted to walk the boards yourself, want to do something unique and exciting by stepping outside that box, or have no reason whatsoever, apart from having a day of fun and laughter, join us in a session of Be an Actor for a Day ©.  It will satisfy your curiosity and could surprise you too.


We prepare our actors with fun stagecraft exercises plus basic breathing and voice projection.   Our “actors for the day” love the Peas and Carrots activity – it is a favourite with them. We hold auditions but you will be well prepared, so there is no need to panic and everyone gets to perform.  There is a choice of comedy pieces and short plays to perform, always with a script in your hand.  Acting with no learning of lines is a real bonus!


Your performance will be for a pop-up audience of family and friends and/or a local audience that pops up on the day.  If we are in the Masque, your performance is on the foyer stage – an intimate setting. We give our audience free refreshments followed by the entertainment that you, our actors, provide.


Come and discover your awesomeness in the gentle and encouraging hands of Celia, Coleen and Wayne, with acting support from Masque Theatre stalwarts. Enjoy a unique acting experience and be amazed at your transformation –  from nervy participant to a confident and talented performer.

Sunday dates in 2019

17 March

30 June

29 Sept


Bring a buddy  2+ R350 pp

Children 14 – 18  R200 per child

To run the programme:  Minimum 12 at adult fee

Get your booking details by emailing us – see below

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Join us and have fun, learn stagecraft, perform and enjoy the applause!

What Others are Saying:

“I think your package and experience is totally awesome! You were all amazing. Great team.”

“Thank you, ladies, for the lovely experience. I had lots of fun. I’ve realised now that theatre work is much harder than it looks hey. I take my hat off to stage performers”

“I kind of lost my passion to do anything lately but this program gave me confidence in myself, sparking a little passion back in me again, allowing me to meet new people again and to just have a little fun with something I forgot I really enjoyed! “

“….as you said our creativity is so linked to the inner child and our most vulnerable selves. Your style of coaching allowed it to emerge quietly and increase in confidence as the day progressed – thank you”


             “This was exactly what I needed – my self-confidence grew just knowing an audience was watching me.”

“Huge, thanks and gratitude to you for an awesome day, great fun, and awesome to spend time in your world for a day!”

An incredible day of self-discovery through the world of theatre.”

Contact Coleen or Celia for more information.

Email or call us:

072 120 5645