Telling stories is part of what makes us human! Rediscover the joy with us and join us for a morning or afternoon of theatre magic. Get a group of friends together and we will read and rehearse a play -discuss character, find new talent and have a great time doing it!  You choose a comedy or drama and we will find a short one-act play to get our teeth into.  This is a perfect at-home activity for small groups and themed occasions.

Be an Actor for a Day Read through of our chosen performance piece
Rehearsing our play

Reading your Work Out Loud

You are in a writers’ circle or group and you are proud of your work. Your written work, your novel, short story, poem or play deserves an audience, so we are here to help you improve your storytelling skills. Enjoy a morning session with us doing some fun vocal exercises, character work and reading dialogue.


West Coast Writers'Circle
West Coast Writers Circle 2019


Celia of Circle Productions is a superb director of one person shows.  She knows just how to get an actor to tell his/her story with truth and passion. The Oom Schalk Stories has been one of our biggest achievements, while 25 years of telling the stories of Llareggub, the village in Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood is Coleen’s favourite piece to direct.



Come listen to our Cape Town stories because our locals love nothing more than telling their stories.  Put a Cape Town story in your pocket as you walk the seaside villages of Muizenberg or Kalk Bay with Coleen.  Download the app, pop your smartphone in your pocket and enjoy these neighbourhoods with a local.  She tells you some of her favourite spots and shares some interesting facts and anecdotes that will surprise and delight you.

Discover the gems of Kalk Bay