“We share our love and knowledge of theatre through experiences, projects and productions both on and off the stage to enlighten and inspire.” – Circle Productions

Circle Productions, est. 2016, is the partnership of two friends who boast a theatre friendship of more than 30 years.  We do theatre with love and joy.

30 year theatre friendship
Off with her Head – but not for long!

Coleen chops off Celia’s head… and 30 years later they are still friends

Our passion is for all things dramatic and our experience in theatre enables us to offer a host of  activities that are accessible and community-based.  We love sharing what we have learned over the years and love bringing our special flair to everything we do.

We Do Theatre – Creatively



Create Concept Shows

We Do Theatre – For All and Everywhere

 Boot Camps

               Special Interest Groups

          Community Theatre

        School Enrichment Programmes

The highly acclaimed and popular Be an Actor for a day © is our brainchild, and ran successfully for four years. Its last session was in 2019 but elements of this unique programme are now incorporated into everything else we do.

Simply Put:  We create drama wherever we go!

Theatre Joy 2016-2019