Be an Actor for a Day Dec 2018

Our actors for a day who joined us on 9 Dec 2018 – our last session of 2018 had an awesome time with us. They found their voices, flexed their muscles, conquered their fears and entertained an enthusiastic audience.

Be an Actor for a Day is a popular theatre activity for all ages and Circle Productions can tailor-make sessions and add value to a host of corporate and training programmes.

Check out images below from Be an Actor for a Day 9 December 2018.

Be an Actor for a Day Dec 2018
Well, Hello! Be an Actor for a Day Dec 2018
Be an Actor for a Day 2018
Be an Actor for a Day – Ideal for families – Bramley family getting it on!
Be an Actor for a Day 2018
Character work by Suzi and Susan – Be an Actor for a Day 2018



Drama School Workshop

Dotty Drama – Half Day Workshop

Sixteen talented students of Dotty Drama school attend our workshop on 24 November and have an awesome time with us.

these drama students enjoyed going from page to stage and had fun with every element of our Be an Actor for a Day © half-day programme that we had adapted especially for them.

Dotty Drama Kids with Celia and Coleen

Dotty Dance and Drama has given these kids excellent training so they tackled everything with skill and enthusiasm.


Reward yourself with Be an Actor for A Day


So, who is joining us?   Be part of the motley for a day of fun, laughter, performance, applause – a unique experience with Circle Productions and the Masque Theatre.  The silly season is upon us, so give yourself a gift or treat your family and friends to something they will never forget.


Programme: Sunday 9 December 2018


VENUE:                                             Masque Theatre, 37 Main Rd, Muizenberg

 10h00 – 13h00                       Fun exercises, auditions, stagecraft, rehearsals

13h00 – 13h45                         Light lunch

 14h00 –  15h00                       Rehearse on foyer stage

15h00  – 16h00                       Costume Bits & Bobs

16h00 – 17h00                         Performance – with scripts in hand (no learning of                                                            lines)

Cost:   Single Booking R600 pp (all incl.)    Group booking 2+  R400 (all incl.)

 The Minimum number of bookings required to run the programme is FIVE

The Maximum number for the day is FIFTEEN

 Be an Actor for a Day© 

Check out our video Be an Actor for a Day page and Image Gallery and feel free to contact us for more information for this unique experience with a local group of actors in a fun-filled day.

Be an Actor for a Day
Our Play – Be an Actor for a Day Feb 2018



Just Under a Week to Go – Legacy120

Final days of rehearsal now as we bring all the elements together to create a wonderful show that is both entertaining and educational!   What does it mean to be 120 years old and how has the school and its environment changed?

We have packed a lot into just 80 minutes and we look forward to having an audience on Thursday.

This is the cast rehearsing Shosholoza – a song of mineworkers having to travel to and from their homes in Africa to work on the mines.  In the nineties it became a song that celebrated a unified SA in the sporting world.

Legacy 120 – Muizenberg High School Production 18,19,20 Oct

So, rehearsals are hotting up and our learners are enjoying this journey of discovery – both of the school’s heritage and legacy AND of their own talents and the joy of performance.

We are excited to have a past learner, Chantal Stanfield, join us for the show to perform her “hot off the press” number, Walk it Off.   Our friends have been wonderful in supporting this show – and we say a big thank you to Trish and Annie of the Dance Project who have done our choreography for us.

Chantal has been learning the choreography long distance – check out the video clip here.






One Month to Go #MHS120 #Legacy120

As we head towards the end of our third term of rehearsals, things are beginning to hot up!

Costume hunting can be fun and we can’t wait to see the cast in all their colours!

We have just finished the script, we have done most of the choreography and are busy getting some songs under our belts.

Working with 30 learners on a production of this size – storytelling through dance, song and drama – 120 years of Muizenberg Public and then High School is no mean feat!

We are learning a lot about the school’s history and making great friends and identifying fantastic talent.

Dates of show are Friday 19 and Saturday 20 October.


Our dancers!

#MHS120 – August 2018

So, we continue this incredible journey with the learners from Muizenberg High School – as we rehearse this wonderful celebratory show that has three performances – October 18,19,20.

120 years of Muizenberg School – so much heritage and history, colour and inspiration.

This is an Edwardian beach scene – yes… the warm waters of Muizenberg for a bit of “splashy splashy”.

And some on the spot choreography from the MHS kids – Freedom is Coming from Sarafina – just a taste of that freedom!  We are proud of them.  #MHS120


The Cherry Orchard Cast – August 2018

Some of the Cherry Orchard Cast joined us for an afternoon of  Be an Actor for a Day unique activities and exercises to add to their basket of skills and performance preparation.

Get into the act!

  • Exercises for actors
  • Acting from the neck down
  • Make me Believe you
  • Dialogue dynamics

We had an awesome time and the actors left us with some new skills to bring to this Chekov piece which will be at the Masque Theatre in November 2018.

Chekov meets Shakespeare – as the cast exchange some classic insults and terms of endearment as well!