Shakespeare Lives Here

What a thrill to see the Westlake Primary School kids again after a year’s absence due to Covid-19.  Shakespeare was the theme for our 4 month drama enrichment programme.   The learners got to learn about and do Julius Caesar but with the freedom given to us by the Shakespeare Schools Festival, we could put our spin on it and give it our local flavour.

Calpurnia’s nightmare – photo credit: A Gorman Photography
Beware the Ides of March – Photo Credit: A Gorman Photography
Et tu, Brute – Photo Credit: A Gorman Photography

Masked, but undeterred, our Shakespeare drama kids, marched, danced, rapped their way through 20 minutes of this iconic piece and came away with the experience of performing on the stage of Cape Town’s iconic Artscape Theatre.

The sense of achievement and joy that these children take away from this experience is priceless.

(All images Credit:  A Gorman Photography)

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