November 2019 – News Highlights

Highlight – The Joy of the Journey

Four months of weekly sessions with the children of Westlake Primary ended in their showcase Saturday 30th November where they showed their parents and teachers what they had learned and how talented they are. They were fabulous and impressive and we thank our  partners Fondazione Labia (Labia Foundation) for supporting us in this venture and being such great supporters of development of the arts.

Using our Imaginations to Build a Boat

Highlight – Writers become Actors

Circle Productions was really busy this November as we wound up for the year.  We had an awesome time with the West Coast Writers’ Circle with an interactive session, taken from our Be an Actor for a Day programme and tailormade especially for writers.  We gave them tips on how best to prepare for and read their work out loud.

West Coast Writers'Circle

Highlight – Fun and Games at Groote Schuur Hospital School

Circle Productions visited the Groote Schuur Hospital School to give some pleasure to the ill children who spend time in hospital and are given education, stimulation and fun while there.
We tailored our drama workshop session to the energy level of the patients and without exception, the children loved their time with us and grew in confidence while enjoying an hour of fun activities.
This is the second of four sessions and we look forward to a few more in 2020.

Highlight – Dotty Drama Kids – An “In theatre” Experience

We love this drama school based in the South Peninsula – they do such amazing drama training for children. We also love that they join us for a morning at the Masque Theatre to get a chance to work with us and to learn a little more about how a theatre works.  They also get a chance to showcase what they have learned with us at the end of the session. Working with such enthusiastic and talented children is a real treat.

A circle of acting enjoyment

We look forward to 2020 – we look forward to all things fun and good and theatrical!

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